What’s the right DIRECTV dish to choose for tailgating?

Football season is in full swing and you know you’ve been itching to do a little bit of tailgating. Maybe you have some experience with setting up a satellite dish and want to take it on the road with you. You might even own a satellite meter like the SatLookLite, our choice for the most economical and user-friendly meter on the market.

Standard Definition
Setting up an SD dish is easier, although of course you’re limited to just SD programming. You’ll get your local channels in most places, although you should confirm that before you go out tailgating.

If you have a flat surface that’s pretty high, like the roof of an RV or tall SUV, use the PM2000 folding dish. It’s easy to set up and very compact. Another option is our basic RV Satellite Kit which includes a tripod for mounting on a level surface. It also comes with all the cable you’ll need as well as a flat cable for running through a window if need be. Either way, you’ll have everything you need except for the receiver. If you’re using this dish, you can’t use a Genie or H25 receiver.

High Definition

For HD service, we recommend our RV Satellite Kit with HD SWM dish. It’s compatible with all current DIRECTV HD receivers and DVRs and comes with everything you need including the dish, power inserter, and cables. It’s harder to aim, but using the supplied Slimline-5 LNB, you can aim using the 101 and 119 satellites and the other three satellites should fall right into place. The SatLookLite meter will read these signals, and you can fine-tune using the signal meters built into your receiver.

As we’ve said before, the secret to aiming a satellite dish is giving yourself the time to do it, so make sure what whichever dish you choose, you try it at home, as well as consulting a site like dishpointer.com (or feeding in the zip code where you’re going to be) to get the correct aiming numbers. The numbers you use at home will not work.

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