Why can’t you buy individual cell booster parts?

One size doesn’t fit all. Yet, when you buy a cell booster, you’re buying the cable, the antennas, the booster, everything. It’s convenient if you are just getting started but it can be annoying if you just need a specific item. Blame the cell companies. Or thank them, which is actually a little more appropriate. Allow me to explain.

Here’s your history lesson

Until early 2014, it was possible to buy just the parts you wanted for a truly customized install. However, none of those parts were approved by your cell carrier and they would tell you that the use of a cell booster potentially voided your agreement with them. Of course, this was based on a lot of far, uncertainty and doubt and not on any real science or anything like that. There’s good news, though. The FCC worked together with cell booster companies and cell carriers to come up with a solution where cell companies would automatically allow you to use approved boosters. Their stipulation was that everything had to be sold in kit form so that it would be much harder for average folks to build these massive frankenbooster setups that could possibly be a problem.

And so it was, that in the spring of 2014, companies like Solid Signal stopped selling individual cell boosters.  From that point forward we only sold full kits. The good news is that these kits are still upgradeable.  You can choose to add a different antenna if you want to, for example. Solid Signal has hundreds to choose from. Also, while it’s not legal to buy the booster itself without a kit, you can buy the antennas and the cables quite easily if you find you’d like to expand things.

When you’re ready to get professional

Best of all, your friends at Solid Signal can actually work with you to create a custom kit, starting with a pre-made one (yeah, we have to follow the FCC rules) and adding on the cables and antennas that you’ll need for your particular solution. We work with all the major manufacturers and can create a plan for any space from a compact car to a 100,000 square foot warehouse. Our staff of technicians will put together a plan approved by the manufacturer and ready for you to install so that you never have to deal with dead spots again.

In recent years, companies like WilsonPRO have made it easier. They now offfer large booster systems to the public that are more customized. Even better, both weBoost and SureCall have rolled out much more powerful home booster systems. These systems generally need very little customization. They work much better out of the box than earlier systems.

So take that, FCC

We may have to start with a kit but you can buy individual cell booster parts. You can’t buy the booster separately but you can buy almost everything else.  Best of all Solid Signal makes it easy. When you’re ready to upgrade your home or office and flood it with great cell signals, call us at 888-233-7563. If it’s after East Coast business hours, fill out the form below. We’ll be happy to get back to you with all the information you need!

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