Wi-fi from 5 miles away? It can be done!

Just like magic. It’s not hard at all to connect two points 5 miles away just as if you’d run a cable between them. There are hundreds of uses for this technology: use it to cross streets, go to outbuildings, even fill massive warehouses with wireless service… and it’s all due to the amazing Ubiquiti Nanobridge M5. 

Connect up a Nanobridge M5 to your wired network and a second Nanobridge to a switch, access point or router where you want to be. Power comes from a POE injector so only a single wire goes to the Nanobridge. It’s just like having a long wire between the two points — it acts like one big network. You can use Ubiquiti’s famous easy-to-use software to set up the particulars, although in many cases only a quick setup should be needed

Think about having your home or business internet reach as far as you need it, without the need for repeaters in the middle. It really is just like magic.

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Stuart Sweet
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