Best of the Blog 2021, Volume 5

The Solid Signal Blog is your resource for thousands of articles and reviews, with new content coming every day. 2021 marks our fifteenth year since our humble beginnings, and today over 250,000 people read the blog every month. Every month, the staff gets together and gathers articles that really seem like they have long-term appeal. Here’s the list for the May, 2021:

  1. Can you put a Reverse Band LNB on an existing Slimline dish?
  2. Why your wireless charging pad isn’t working
  3. You can’t get HDTV reception from 125 miles, and here’s why
  4. Satellite, cellular, networks? Find an installer in your area
  5. A little rant about CGI and practical effects
  6. How do you know if you need a VHF antenna?
  7. What’s the best internet option for a ranch?
  8. How can TV antennas be such different shapes?
  9. NICE AND EASY: Will a cell booster improve cordless phone coverage?
  10. Can you connect a Genie client on a different dish from the Genie DVR?
  11. Should you get multiple cell boosters or just multiple antennas?
  12. Does a layer of black dust hurt your antenna?
  13. I just hooked up my antenna, but can’t figure out where to connect the ground
  14. Why do coaxial cables have different connectors?
  15. Why are compression connectors so important?
  16. The real reason you’ll care about ATSC 3.0
  17. Can I use all wireless clients with my Genie?
  18. Will we really see the end of television by 2040?
  19. Here’s the “must-have” upgrade for your RV
  20. NICE AND EASY: What is a radome?
  21. If I get an ATSC 3.0 converter, will I get my local channels in 4K?
  22. 8 hidden secrets of the Winegard Elite 360 antenna
  23. “Why doesn’t my cell booster work?”
  24. What is a Hertz (and Why is it Called a Hertz?)
  25. NICE AND EASY: Does a cell booster suffer from rain fade?
  26. Marina Managers, Meet Signal Connect
  27. Are AOL and Yahoo officially “zombie brands?”
  28. Signal Boosters End the “Call That Got Away
  29. How does a powerline adapter work?
  30. NICE AND EASY: Tuners, splitters, MoCA
  31. What is a good signal level for over-the-air reception?
  32. Can you put a DIRECTV SWM multiswitch in a waterproof enclosure?
  33. Tiny screen or massive screen: a 2021 perspective
  34. Why does DIRECTV use the Ka band when no one else does?
  35. How can you upgrade an old portable dish to do HD?
  36. How is antenna performance measured?
  37. Antennas are lighter now than they were, and that’s not a bad thing.
  38. Can I get local channels in my boat if it’s not in the same area as my house?
  39. Don’t short out your antenna cable on the mast. (You’re Welcome.)

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Stuart Sweet
Stuart Sweet is the editor-in-chief of The Solid Signal Blog and a "master plumber" at Signal Group, LLC. He is the author of over 8,000 articles and longform tutorials including many posted here. Reach him by clicking on "Contact the Editor" at the bottom of this page.