Wi-Fi Plugs Create Smart Home

I came home from a two-week business trip that felt a lot longer than 14 days. When I finally walked inside my house, my hands were filled with luggage, two weeks of mail, and my keys. All of a sudden, the lights in my living room and my TV set turned on without me having to set anything down to do it. No, this wasn’t a scene from The Jetsons. It was an example of the home automation I have from these new smart plugs I’ve installed in my house.

Wi-Fi Plugs for Convenience and Security
So what are these Wi-Fi smart plugs? They’re the new home automation system that Solid Signal, recently added to its well-stocked online inventory. While helping create the product description for these devices, I was intrigued with them. The idea of being able to control my lights and other appliances from my smartphone appealed to the side of my personality that doesn’t like to get up from the couch once I’ve plopped down there. Needless to say, I picked up a pair and discovered that these smart plugs have so many amazing uses.

At their most basic, these Wi-Fi plugs let you turn appliances on and off with your smartphone, tablet, or voice control. (It’s compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.) You can control fans, space heaters, and air conditioning units with these devices. Same thing with TVs, stereos, and many more appliances. This smart home system also lets you turn lights and other devices while you’re away. It’s a great way to make people think you’re home when you’re not. While all this is great, it really only scratches the surface of what you can do with this unique little home automation tool.

The Wi-Fi Smart Plug “Scene”
One of the coolest features of this Wi-Fi plug is that lets you create “scenes” in your home. Let me explain. “Scenes” are groups of devices you connect together for a specific purpose. Like my living room lights and TV, for example. I called that my “Homecoming Scene.” Long story short, I used the Smart Life app to group these appliances together into a “scene.”  I also used the scheduling function to turn these things on when I got home at 6 PM. What scenes and schedules would you create?

Home Automation at its Finest!
For something that looks like a couple of outlets, these smart plugs sure can do a lot! Solid Signal has a large selection of these devices in our online inventory. We’re currently offering a pair of Wi-Fi smart plugs for one incredibly low price. Just plug them directly into any regular 120V AC outlet in your home, then connect the devices you want to control. The system works with your existing Wi-Fi network and most mobile internet services, and the Smart Life App is a free download from the Apple App and Google Play stores. Get the Wi-Fi plug and enjoy its nearly endless home automation features!

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