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Have you ever worn out the charging port on your cell phone and had to buy a new device? This port is one of the weakest parts of your phone or tablet. Plugging and unplugging a charge cord weakens and loosens these components over time. Ultimately, you end up with a device that cannot be charged, which leads to costly repairs or replacement. If this has happened to you, wouldn’t you like an easier way to charge your device? If so, then you might need a wireless charger.

Wireless Charging: How Does it Work?

Have you ever heard of “wireless charging?” It’s really a thing and it has revolutionized the way we charge phones. This technology lets you charge your device without the need to connect the phone or tablet to the charger via a cord. It’s sounds like it’s the newest, most cutting-edge technology, but the concept was first theorized by Nikola Tesla. (Of course!) If you want to know more about the actual technology and how it works, check out Stuart Sweet’s post that explains what wireless charging is.

Benefits of Wireless Charging

Wireless charging eliminates charge cords and worn out charge ports. If you’ve ever had to have your charge port repaired – or lost a phone/device because the it couldn’t be fixed – then a wireless charger is a good investment. This technology also puts an end to replacing lost or damaged chargers. And you can say goodbye to fumbling around in the dark to plug your phone into a charger. Are you ready to switch to the future of hassle-free device charging?

Get Qi Wireless Charging Today!

Would you like a wireless charger for your home or office? Solid Signal carries four of these devices:

If you’re interested in a wireless charger (Who isn’t?), you can check out each of these products on our website. There’s an easier way to know which one of these devices is best for you – just give us a call at 888-233-7563. One of our product experts will answer your questions and give you a product recommendation. This helpful technical support makes Solid Signal your No. 1 source for the best wireless chargers and other cell phone accessories.

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