WORKS IN A PINCH: Use your tablet as an extra DIRECTV receiver

Especially right now, it’s important to find a way to spend time outside safely. If you’re in a suburban or rural setting, it’s easier to spend time in the sun on your patio or in another private space. Up in the north, we’re just beginning to emerge from our snowy cocoons, but much of the country is gearing up for outdoor activities. Some of us are moving away from our cocoons in the bedroom or living room and daring to venture as far as the garage or even (gasp!) the outdoors! That doesn’t mean we want to be without our favorite programs of course, and that’s where your smartphone or tablet can be of use.

Here’s the solution

The key is DIRECTV’s app for smartphones and tablets. If you don’t have this app, I highly recommend you go out and get it. For one thing, it’s totally free and available from your device’s app store or play store. Second, it’s a great way to use your DIRECTV system because you can browse your guide, set recordings, search and even use your device as a remote control. Of course your DIRECTV receiver needs to be networked in order to take advantage of this stuff.

DIRECTV offers well over 100 channels of live TV to your smartphone or tablet, plus pay-per-view events and an on demand library with over 60,000 programs. The app will let you watch recorded programs on your DVR too by downloading them to your tablet. And, because it’s a tablet, it’s going to let you connect to provider apps like HGTV GO and HBO Max.

Connecting to a TV

Remember too that your smartphone or tablet may be able to feed a TV with the use of an adapter or streaming device, and there’s nothing stopping you from using it to feed a TV on the patio so everyone can see the big game. Of course, DIRECTV’s Wireless Genie Mini is even better for this purpose. With a Genie 2 system you don’t even need any extra hardware to use a wireless client. Of course the client does have an extra monthly charge and if you’re not planning to use it all the time you’re not likely to keep it activated.

If you’re going to connect to a TV, there’s no reason not to use your phone for this purpose, either. Of course you won’t be able to play on your phone while watching, so a second device does makes sense if you have one.

So what are you waiting for?

If you’re one of the lucky ones who’s ready to enjoy the great outdoors, get to it, and take your DIRECTV programming with you! The DIRECTV app is free at the Google Play store and Apple App Store and works with almost every phone or tablet out there.

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