YES you can use the AM21 with an HR34 Genie DVR and…

There’s a lot of confusion… and sadly some of it comes straight from DIRECTV CSRs. Customers call 1-800-DIRECTV and ask if they can use the AM21 antenna module with the HR34 Genie DVR. The answer is yes, definitely, but some customers are being told otherwise.

The problem is that DIRECTV’s internal system has a table which lists which devices are compatible with the AM21 module and it hasn’t been updated since the HR34 Genie DVR was introduced. So the new super DVR isn’t on the list.

So, here’s the deal, from someone who has tested it.

The AM21 module hooks up the Genie DVR, and it works great. In fact, it works better that it does on the HR24. On the HR34 it will do a true “channel scan” instead of using a table back at DIRECTV HQ. This means you get a listing of what you actually do receive, including channels that DIRECTV may not think you do.

You can view or record up to two programs from your antenna. You can also be recording or viewing up to three more programs from the satellite at the same time.

The AM21 antenna module supplies programming to the C31 Genie Clients. This works perfectly, although it should be noted that since there are only two over-the-air tuners, there is a greater chance that they will be in use.

Don’t be afraid to pick up an AM21 antenna module for your Genie DVR… you will be glad you did!

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