A DIRECTV Partner for Yacht Management Companies

Yacht managers don’t have time to activate DIRECTV accounts for clients. Signal Connect does that and more for FREE!

Today’s clients want the best of everything in their vessels. For many, this includes DIRECTV. Some yacht management companies have technicians or subcontractors. These hardworking folks do a great job of installing marine satellite domes, DIRECTV receivers, and other equipment. They don’t have time to activate the DIRECTV accounts, though. This could keep them on the phone for hours when they could be doing more repair work. The solution is to make our Signal Connect division your DIRECTV partner.

FREE DIRECTV Activation for Yacht Management Companies

Yes, you read that correctly. The reps at Signal Connect will activate your clients’ DIRECTV accounts at NO cost to you. This is a HUGE benefit to all our yacht management partners. It’s a big reason why you should partner up with us! Here’s another reason: these free DIRECTV activations also save you money. Since your techs won’t be tied up on the phone with DIRECTV, they can move on to the next paying job while we handle your client’s activation.

FREE DIRECTV Tech Support for Your Clients

DIRECTV is an amazing pay-TV experience. That said, there are those rare occasions where a customer has a connection issue. If one of your clients takes their boat out and they can’t get reception, there’s a good chance they’ll call you. Your company is the one who installed the DIRECTV, after all. If they do, this could keep your techs on the phone for up to an hour with DIRECTV’s busy call center. There are better things your staff could be doing with their time.

As your DIRECTV partner, Signal Connect handles those tech support calls. If your clients need help, they directly call their Signal Connect rep. Our staff will walk them through the fix over the phone. The rep stays on the line until the boat owner says, “I have TV again!” Best of all, your client won’t receive a bill for the help Signal Connect provides. That’s right, our tech support is FREE yacht management companies AND their clients!

Boat owners who have DIRECTV will need account management services. Signal Connect provides this service FREE of charge to your clients. Look, there might come a time when a boat owner need changes made to their account, new specialty channels, or a viewing package upgrade. The last thing you want to do is tell your clients to “call DIRECTV.” They’ll be on the phone for more than an hour! It’s far easier to call Signal Connect, a DIRECTV dealer, and have our reps quickly take care of it.

Yacht Management Companies Should Call Us

And by “us” we mean the professionals in our Signal Connect division. As a national DIRECTV dealer, these reps specialize in satellite TV for boats. We’re sure you have questions about how making us your DIRECTV partner works, etc. Our reps are more than happy to answer you. Just give them a call at 888-233-7563. If you’re reading this after business hours, just fill out the form below and send it to us. A Signal Connect rep will follow up with you.

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