A New Look at Trickle Chargers

Q: Are trickle chargers good for vehicles packed away in winter storage?

Trick question!

A: Nearly everyone could use one of these devices right now.

When people think battery trickle chargers, they normally think of winter. That makes sense because these devices are designed for vehicles in winter storage. Owners simply connect the trickle charger to your vehicle’s battery. These 12-volt battery chargers trickle out electricity to keep your battery fully charged. The Battery Tender Junior we carry automatically switching between maintenance and charging modes. That means you can set it and forget it!

But like we said above, these devices aren’t just for winters.

Think about today’s current events. Most of us haven’t been doing a lot of driving lately. We all know why this is, so I don’t have to mention it here. (We’re not that kind of blog.) If you need to go somewhere, you don’t want to turn the key and hear a click. That’s annoying in normal circumstances because it might be hard to find someone to give you a jump. It could be dangerous during an emergency.

This 12-volt battery trickle charger from Battery Tender Junior is the answer.

This device is much better than the average trickle charger. It’s an intelligent changer that changes modes based on your battery’s needs. This means you can leave this charger connected to your battery. It won’t overcharge your battery or let it die.

Are you considering a trickle charger? The Battery Tender Junior has the features and benefits you need:

  • You can use it with lead-acid, flooded, or sealed batteries.
  • It works with any vehicle that’s not in use, like that car you’re not driving very much.
  • Saves you money by keeping you from buying new batteries.
  • Spark-proof and reverse-polarity technology protects your battery.
  • 12’ output cord connects easily.
  • Compact size (8” x 4” x 9”) fits in tight spaces.

Call Solid Signal for Your Trickle Charger

You might not be driving a lot these days but you still need to drive. The Battery Tender Junior is the only way you can be confident that your vehicle will start on the first turn. And when things change, this battery trickle charger is still useful. If you have vehicles to store, you can hook this device to the battery and not worry about it. The Battery Tender Junior will keep that battery charged for when you’re ready to drive again. If you want to learn more, give us a call at 888-233-7563.

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