Best of the Blog 2019, Volume 2

The Solid Signal Blog is your resource for thousands of articles and reviews, with new content coming every day. 2019 marks our thirteenth year since our humble beginnings, and today over 200,000 people read the blog every month. Every month, the staff gets together and gathers articles that really seem like they have long-term appeal. Here’s the list for February, 2019:

  1. Solid Signal’s HANDS ON REVIEW: Televes DiNova Boss Mix UHF/VHF antenna
  2. Why are there so many different connectors on cables?
  3. Read our Ultimate Guides!
  4. Yes, you really need 15 feet between your cell boosters antennas.
  5. Does DIRECTV really make you get special hardware for on demand shows?
  6. Can you use one phone with two carriers?
  7. Can your home router give you 5G?
  8. Will you need a cell booster with 5G?
  9. RF Solutions for Large Commercial Developments
  10. Ugliest Phones Ever
  11. Can you add a splitter to your existing DIRECTV system?
  12. All your DIRECTV recordings sit on the same Genie DVR. Should you be worried?
  13. NICE AND EASY: Does DIRECTV make a waterproof remote?
  14. How can you convert an old antenna to use coax cable?
  15. Introducing ATT parts by Unitron Group
  16. DON’T DO THIS: Mess around with your cell booster
  17. No servers were detected on your Genie Client. What can you do?
  18. When will the average person get 5G?
  19. Can you put an antenna on the same mast as your satellite dish?
  20. What is a smart outlet?
  21. Cold is deadly to your connectors. Here’s why.
  22. Installing an antenna in the winter? It could be dicey
  23. Why are some TV antennas so complex?
  24. Whats the best way to avoid lightning strikes on an antenna?
  25. How to change recording options on DIRECTV… while you’re watching
  26. Can you connect an antenna to your cell phone?
  27. What is an IP rating? How can you tell if something is waterproof?
  28. What is energy density?
  29. NICE AND EASY: What is an 18650 battery?
  30. What should you do with smart home products when they break?
  31. Genie 2 can support 8 clients, kind of. Is 7 better?
  32. Whats the longest run you can have on a DIRECTV SWM-30 multiswitch?
  33. Foldable phones? Really? Now?


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Stuart Sweet is the editor-in-chief of The Solid Signal Blog and a "master plumber" at Signal Group, LLC. He is the author of over 8,000 articles and longform tutorials including many posted here. Reach him by clicking on "Contact the Editor" at the bottom of this page.