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Folks, after two years we are all simply “over” the pandemic. We all desperately want it to be in the rear view mirror. Yet, it seems that once again the pandemic has other ideas. This latest bump in case numbers may be temporary, but it’s creating a very real need for work-from-home equipment. Now is the time to think about the things you really hated about working from home the last time and spruce up your home office environment.

Setting up shop in your kitchen, living room, or office space means needing a bunch of other stuff. You probably know what I’m going to say but I’ll say it anyway: Solid Signal has what you need to work from home.

Power Strips

Never thought you’d need those, right? I thought so too… until I had to work from home. I have kids who love their devices. This means nearly every outlet in my home is being used. Without a power strip, there’s only one place in my house with a free wall outlet: the bathroom. That’s not the best place for my home office!

Solid Signal a huge selection of surge protector power strips. You might be thinking, “But I can go down to my local electronics store and pick up a power strip.” Can you? And if so, do you really want to? The person behind the counter might not really know about what they’re selling you. That means they can’t answer your questions or make the right product recommendation. This is why it’s best to order from us.

USB Cords

We usually don’t think about these things until we need them. The problem is, USB cords can get worn, frayed, and even develop shorts. This is usually the case when you run them through high-traffic areas. The connectors can also be a problem. They get loose and lose connection if they’re bumped or manhandled on a regular basis. We carry a huge selection of USB cords. Call us if you need help finding what you need!

Network Cables

While USB is a popular connector, not everything is USB. For all other connections, network cables are the answer. One of the most common uses for these cables is connecting your PC to your router. These products have other uses as well.

What do you need network cables for? Whatever it is, we carry a wide variety of network cables in our well-stocked online inventory. If you’re not sure which one you need, the best thing to do is call us or ask your question on the Support from Solid Signal Facebook forum.

Cell Phone Booster Systems

If you work from home, people can’t stop by your desk if they need something. Now, people will simply call you with whatever they need. If your home office is in a back room or the basement, you might not have the best cellular connection. What’s the solution?

You’ll know the answer by looking at the title above. It’s a cell phone booster system. Are you able to get a shred of signal in your office? If so, then a booster will help. It simultaneously strengthens it for incoming and outgoing calls and texts. Don’t have a dropped call or missed text from your boss or supervisor! Talk to one of our customer service reps to get the best cell booster.

Phone Power Banks

Last but not least, there are these devices. You know, the ones you use to charge your phone. If you’re at home, you might have a phone charger plugged in to take care of that. But what if you have to run somewhere and didn’t get a chance to charge your phone? Or maybe your trip takes a little longer than you expected. A phone power bank is perfect for these situations. You know you need one, and we have them.

Work from Home with Solid Signal

Usually, this is the part of the post where I find a clever way to suggest you call Solid Signal for the things you need. I’m not going to do that here because I’ve already mentioned it above. What I will do is give you the number to reach us at. That’s 888-233-7563. You can also fill out the form below and send it to us. The choice is yours.

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