DIRECTV adds Pursuit Channel in HD

Outdoorsmen, rejoice! If you love the outdoors and find yourself indoors due to the weather, you finally have something new to do. DIRECTV is one of only three providers that has the Pursuit Channel in HD, and you can tune to it right now on channel 604. The channel has been on DIRECTV in SD since 2008.

Pursuit is, in their own words, “the most widely distributed hunting, fishing, shooting television network in America.” It’s a place for people who enjoy the more traditional outdoor life to settle in and find a friendly home. It was founded by outdoorsman Rusty Faulk in 2008 and has grown to be a powerhouse on many cable systems and even has its own channel on some streaming boxes.

With this launch, DIRECTV now claims over 200 national HD channels, and is well on its way to offering its entire lineup in HD. That goal may never come to pass, because believe it or not in 2017 not every program source is in HD, but as we move closer to the 2019 date for all local SD programming to disappear from DIRECTV’s satellites, the hope is that as many national networks as possible will come into the HD fold.

While this channel isn’t for everyone’s tastes, our resident outdoorsman Jake Buckler had this to say:

[quote]Finally, a show the understands the needs of us rural outdoor enthusiasts. I’ve always been a big fan of Rusty’s work and it’s great to see him with a brand new channel dedicated to the outdoors. This is the kind of programming a Midwestern outdoorsman like me wants to watch. Great job, Rusty![/quote]

As for me, what this tells me is that DIRECTV is working hard on HD carriage. I know there are still some channels out there that some of you want to see in HD, or want to see at all. It’s clear to see that DIRECTV is working hard to make it happen, so if you’re still missing your favorite channel, you have to think about why that is. Maybe the content provider is charging too much money. Maybe the contract has too many messy little bits. No matter what the holdup, it’s clear to see where it’s coming from.

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