DIRECTV airing even more sports in 4K

You can’t get it anywhere else. DIRECTV is airing an exclusive schedule of sports in 4K and HDR this spring, and you won’t be able to find this content on any other carrier!

To start with, you’ll get 13 NBA games in 4K and HDR this season. They’ve already started, and the next game will be Portland/OKC at 8pm Eastern on January 9th. The next one after that is Charlotte/Detroit on January 15. Go Pistons!

There will be two more 4K HDR programs this month as well. DIRECTV will air Drone Wars and Mix: LA starting on January 12.

Following up their 4K HDR content, you’ll also see this content in 4K (non-HDR) coming up this month:

English Premier League Soccer
1/3 – Arsenal vs. Chelsea, 2:45 pm ET
1/14 – Liverpool vs. Man City, 11:00 am ET
1/20 – Man City vs. Newcastle, 12:30 pm ET
1/31 – Tottenham vs. Manchester United, 3:00 pm ET

NCAA Basketball
1/4 – UCLA at Stanford, 10:00pm ET
1/7 – USC at Stanford, 10:00pm ET
1/10 – Colorado at USC, 10:00pm ET

Most programs will air on channel 106, although Drone Wars and Mix: LA will air on channel 104.

It’s important to note that DIRECTV is expected to use its new satellites for HDR content this month so if you do not have a Reverse Band 3 LNB you will not get this content even if you have an HR54 Genie or Genie 2. Also, only subscribers in the XTRA packages and higher will get the NBA games, according to some sources.

If you don’t have access to the new satellite, the same content will be recorded automatically on an HD channel, but even if you don’t have an HDR-compatible TV you will be able to watch the 4K broadcasts if you have a 4K TV, C61K Genie Client, and Genie DVR.

If you’re not sure what you have, give Solid Signal a call at 888-233-7563 and we’ll make sure you get upgraded to the hardware you need!

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