DIRECTV Announces Second Quarter Results

DIRECTV continues to grow in Latin America, and they continue to increase profits. While the tendency is to say, “Take that, Viacom” it’s not all completely rosy. It’s hard to get a real picture from these press releases but it looks like there may actually be a small drop in total US subscribers.

If so, it’s hard to know why that is, but DIRECTV has been holding the line on subscriber acquisition and retention costs. In other words, they are willing to spend less to keep you or get you in the first place, and those decreased costs are leading to increased profits, even with fewer subscribers.

DIRECTV has been taking a hard line in negotiations too, as we all know, but it looks like the cost of those negotiations hasn’t stopped them from making money in the least.

If you’re a financial whiz who can interpret these numbers, the whole press release is here.

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