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When the app known as AT&T TV rebranded itself as DIRECTV Stream last week, there were articles in the predictable blogs saynig things like “nothing has changed except the logo” and “is that all there is” and honestly I get that. But DIRECTV Stream is a very good package already and it’s only going to get better.

Yes, the only thing that changed last week was the logo

I’ll admit that. But before the rebrand, the service was continuing to grow and change in really meaningful ways. It’s already the best source for local and live TV. It already has one of the best on-demand selections around. And, it’s one of the most flexible ways to watch TV. There will be more changes to come, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad now.

Choose your viewing experience

The nice thing about these live streaming apps is that you can get a traditional TV experience and you can also use the more modern, phone-based experience. It’s your choice and you can go between those worlds pretty easily.

For those who want the old-school experience, you can choose the DIRECTV Stream box. It’s available with easy payment terms and it’s the best way to transition from cable to streaming. Yes, it’s a full-featured streaming device. More importantly it’s a box that boots up to live TV, has a remote full of numbers and all the buttons you expect, and it just feels comfortable.

For those who would rather use an app on a streaming box, the DIRECTV Stream box offers the same functionality on the box you own. No, you don’t get the fancy remote. In some cases you may be limited in your ability to pause live TV. But, it’s the experience you want on the streaming box you have. It’s your choice.

If you want to go full-tilt 21st century, you also get the DIRECTV Stream app for your phone, where you can watch live TV, watch as much on-demand content as you want, and even watch your own recordings, pretty much anywhere you are.

The best part of all of this is that you don’t have to choose. Start with the phone experience, and you can add a box later. Or go the other way. Start with the box and migrate to the phone. It makes no difference, and it’s all up to you.

Yes, all those choices were there last month.

That’s true. But that doesn’t make DIRECTV Stream a bad choice. It means last month it was a good choice that wasn’t being advertised or promoted enough. Now, it is.

And, it’s clear that we will see more content, more high-quality (4K+) programming, and more options in the coming months. There’s no doubt of that. Holding back the launch of DIRECTV Stream until all those dreams came true would have been a mistake. It’s time that people know that DIRECTV Stream is a great value now for those who don’t want a satellite dish.

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