Top 3 must-have RV upgrades for fall

For some folks, fall is the end of the RV season. The kids are going back to school, the weather is changing, and the open road is behind them for another year. For others, it’s the beginning. This is the perfect year to do some tailgating outside your favorite stadium. All the major sports are back in full force, but you just might not feel like going to a crowded seat. An RV gives you a social experience that’s “just right.”

Why upgrade?

An RV is a long-term investment like a home. Giving it a little bit of love every year is going to keep resale value high. It’s also going to give you a lot of enjoyment. Today’s RV environment is better than ever, with tech that wasn’t even dreamed of a generation ago. It’s time to stop thinking about tiny tube televisions mounted in the furniture and get ready for the next step in RVs. Here are three must-have upgrades for you to consider:

1. Cell phone signal booster

This little red box could be the answer to your dreams. It’s the Drive Reach RV from weBoost. This one upgrade — which costs have as much as a single premium phone — will improve cell service to all the cellular devices in the RV. Kids can stream. Adults can shop. Whatever you want, you’ll get more of it with faster, stronger service.

Cell boosters really work. It’s a shame more people aren’t aware of just how slow their streaming speeds are when they’re out and about. The construction of your RV blocks about 90% of signals. A cell phone signal booster takes signal from outside, amplifies it over 10,000 times, and pumps it into the RV safely. It’s a must-have for sure.

2. TV Antenna

A TV antenna like this one is a great upgrade. Don’t bother with expensive ones that mount permanently to the RV. You won’t get TV reception if you’re going over 15 miles per hour. An antenna like this one stows easily, sets up in seconds by attaching to any vertical pole, and gives you super powered reception in all directions. No aiming is even necessary!

Choose this Antop UFO antenna for evenings when you’re ready to settle down and watch live sports, news, and the top-rated shows of the week. Live television from an antenna is totally free and available in over 90% of the US.

3. Built-in Wi-Fi

Great cell service is good for your handheld devices, but what about streaming boxes and other devices? Something like our gotW3 kit will take cell service and convert it to usable Wi-Fi for all your devices. It’s a surprisingly affordable way to add as much wireless data as you want. Because, let’s be honest, sometimes it’s a drag to watch a movie on your phone. Use something like the gotW3 to help you watch movies on a bigger screen, or respond to work emergencies quickly while you’re on the road. It’s an easy upgrade that pairs well with a cell phone signal booster.

Get the upgrades you want… now

You’ll get the best products and the best prices when you shop at Solid Signal. Need more help? Call us at 888-233-7563 and we’ll be happy to help recommend the best upgrades for you!

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