DIRECTV and AT&T – I’m thinking bundles

Way back in… well six months ago, it was hard to talk about bundling when you talked about DIRECTV. While the company did (and still does) have some deals with internet service providers and cell phone companies, there was a lot of concern that going with a bundle where you paid a lower price and got a single bill wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.

At the same time, it was pretty hard to ignore those people from that “V” company who were often able to promise a deal with cell service, TV, and internet for a price much lower than you’d pay for all those things separately. It was tempting, of course, until you realized how much you’d pay once the promotional price was past you.

The good news is that with the AT&T/DIRECTV deal now done, there are going to be some really excellent opportunities for bundling. The same opportunities that were there before between DIRECTV and other providers will stay around for a while, but AT&T execs have promised that one of their top priorities will be to find a way to get current AT&T customers (whether wireless, landline phone, or internet) a bundle with DIRECTV that will save a ton of money.

Details are scarce, though a few simple bundles have already been announced. We’re promised that even better ones are just around the corner, and the best part is that we at Solid Signal believe that we’ll be right in the middle of it. We don’t know how yet, but we’re looking at every opportunity out there to make sure that you can get the best service and work with the people you really trust at It’s a whole new world now that DIRECTV is part of the AT&T family, and we intend to be the first to plant our flag.

As time goes on, there will be more information to share on this blog, and more opportunities to offer you the best in technology. In the meantime, we have an excellent selection of cell boosters, routers, and all sorts of equipment at that will get you ready for the world to come.

I’m excited… aren’t you?

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