Our customers say: CELL BOOSTERS WORK

It isn’t often these articles write themselves, but every so often I get an e-mail from a customer that really doesn’t take any more explanation. So, take a look for yourself.

I’m writing to you to tell you how much your products mean to me. I recently bought one of your  cell boosters and I had it professionally installed. I’m alone here in the house now and while I can do almost everything without any help, climbing up on the roof is just not in the cards for someone 91 years old.

My grandkids insisted that I keep a cellular telephone with me at all times even though I think they are foolish contrivances. Although they are close to middle aged themselves, I couldn’t resist them. I chose AT&T because I’ve been using Bell Telephone myself for my entire life. I talked on the phone to a nice lady named Cathy who convinced me that there was a phone that even an oldtimer like me could understand. You see, I am not much for computers even though I can send an electronic letter now and again. I guess I’m that old dog that you can’t teach new tricks.

AT&T sent me a phone that looked simple enough but the problem was it didn’t work. When I called them back on my regular phone they told me I couldn’t talk to Cathy but they had me look at the phone and after about an hour of talking to them, this old coot could make calls! But then I discovered that I could only make calls while I was sitting in front of the regular phone! What an infernal contrivance this is, and so expensive!

But the grandchildren insisted, and so I had one of my handy friends come over to find out what I was doing wrong. They said that my house was blocking all of the signals and that my new cellular phone worked well in some places and not in others. I was ready to throw it against the wall.

Then I went to a seminar at the senior center and you know, everyone talks about the google and I thought maybe the google could tell me what to do. After all people seem to think that the google, which I truly do not understand, is some sort of magic encyclopedia. Any way the google led me to a nice contractor in town called Home Dynamics Contracting and Entertainment Systems. I called them up.

I found that there is a device called a cellular booster which is a small radio repeater. It gives you better reception inside than you get outside! Jim at Home Dynamics said people usually install it for themselves but he quoted me a very fair price to do the work considering that my balance isn’t what it once was. He told me to buy one of these cellular boosters and he would install it. I told him I felt like I got lucky asking the google once, and so would he please ask the google for me the second time?

It is very rare in today’s world to find a person in business who is willing to help a senior in need but Jim took great care of me. He found the device, bought it for me and put it up on the roof.

My very first call from my cellular telephone was to my granddaughter who is 6 months pregnant to tell her that I finally joined the twenty-first century. She was so excited, I was worried she would get too excited, if you gather what I’m saying, but she said that she would call me more now and that sooner or later we could even talk with live pictures. I don’t think I’m ready for that.

When I asked Jim who sells these cellular boosters, he said he got them from Solid Signal, and that they were very easy to deal with and had a wide selection. I got your electronic mail address from him and I am writing to tell you GOOD JOB and thank you from this old coot.

Sincerely yours,

Henry Charles Morton

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