End Spotty Service: Cell Boosters for RVs

Q: “Why do I really need a cell phone booster in my RV?”

A: Because dead zones aren’t a problem, but spotty service is everywhere!

Here’s the plain truth about cell phone signal boosters: they can’t help you in a dead zone. No cell booster can. If you can’t get any signal where you go, there will be no signal to boost. The good news is that the number of dead zones in the US is rapidly shrinking. The cell phone carriers are racing against each other to put up towers. And with 5G on the way, the race is getting tighter. So, like we said above, you don’t really have to worry about dead zones. Not that much, anyway.

Spotty Service Will Always be a Problem…

And a cell tower on every street corner won’t prevent it. Why not? Because there’s always something that can interfere with your cell phone signal. The most common culprit is trees. These things grow tall and have branches that spread out in every direction. If there are trees between your RV and the cell towers, it will more than likely interfere with your signal. Since most RV owners enjoy camping, this can be a problem.

What Spotty Service Looks Like

You’ll probably get a lot of call interference, but your problems don’t end there. It also causes problems with your texting, GPS navigation, and web surfing. You don’t want this on the road or when you park. If you’re in an area where your reception is spotty, a cell phone signal booster is exactly what you need. It can take something as low as half a bar and power it up. This is exactly what you get one of these devices for!

Another Reason to Get a Cell Booster…

For fast internet in your RV. Sure, these devices are great at boosting phone calls and texts. They really shine when it comes to internet in RVs, though. Whether it’s your phone or tablet, you’re using cellular signal to access the internet. Good cell signal means a good internet connection. It’s as simple as that. So, if you and your family want a solid internet connection inside your RV, this is the best way to get it.

The Best Cell Phone Booster for RVs Is…

One of these three weBoost booster kits that we carry. Each one is ideal for use in RVs, motorhomes, and campers:

weBoost Drive X RV Cell Phone Signal Booster Kit

weBoost Drive Reach RV Cell Phone Signal Booster Kit

weBoost Destination RV Cell Phone Booster for Multiple Users

Are you wondering which one is the best for your recreational vehicle? Of course you are. The good news is that our cell phone booster experts are here to help. For a product recommendation, give them a call at 877-312-4547. You can also fill out the form below and send it in. Someone will be in touch to discuss cell phone boosters for RVs.

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