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When it comes to consumer electronics products, newer is always better, right? That’s not always the case. Some products are considered classics for good reason. That reason usually is that the unit is so darn good at what it does that it simply can’t be improved upon. That perfectly describes the NextGen remote control signal extender. We’ve been selling this thing for years and it continues to be popular for two very good reasons. If you want to know what those are, keeping reading!

What is The NextGen Remove Control Extender?

It only makes sense that we start with this first. As popular as this remote control extender is, there are a couple of people who haven’t heard of it. Okay, this device that resembles a flying saucer actually enhances your infrared remote control into a digital RF remote. What that means in plain English is that you can operate your TV, cable, satellite, DVD players, and/or stereo through walls and doors. It also has a range of up to 100 feet. This means you can control your devices from pretty much anywhere in your house.

This device is compatible with any remote control that uses an AA or AA battery. (Usually any universal remote will do.) It “sees” the infrared signals as they leave your remote and rebroadcasts then in RF to your device. The small receiver, aka the “UFO,” converts those signals back to infrared so that no changes are actually made on your device. This process enables your remote to shoot signals through walls and doors. Although it comes with instructions, we have a detailed tutorial that shows you how to install and operate this device.

Here’s a slightly dated but accurate video that walks you through the NextGen remote control extender:

One Reason You Need This

Some of you might be thinking, “Why would I want to control my TV through a wall or door?” That brings us to one of the reasons you need this device: convenience. A lot of people store their satellite or TV receivers in cabinets to keep things out of the way. Without this remote control extender, you’d have to get up from your favorite chair and open the cabinet before you could operate it. This device means never having to get up from your seat… unless it’s to grab the popcorn out of the microwave. (This remote control extender doesn’t make kitchen runs.)

Speaking of convenience, you can hide the small domed receiver if it clashes with your home décor. Yes, we know the “UFO” isn’t for everyone. If you choose this option, you can operate your receiver or another device with the cable that comes with the kit. (Personally, I’d keep the dome out as a conversation piece, but I’m quirky like that.)

And Another Reason…

…It’s affordable. Seriously, this thing costs less than $50 when you get it from us. There might an app that does something like this but not everyone wants to control their TV with a tablet. (I’m an old school remote control guy.) Similar devices that do what this one does can cost $300 or more. That’s way too steep for something that enhances your remote control. I mean, yes, controlling your devices through walls and doors is cool, but it’s not $300+ cool. The NextGen remote control extender and Solid Signal understand this. It’s all about perspective.

Your Online Electronics Store!

Even though this remote control extender isn’t the “hot new product,” we sell plenty of them every year. This isn’t exactly shocking. These units move because of what they do and the low price we put on it. If you want one in your home, go straight to the product page and order it. You can also place an order over the phone by calling us at 888-233-7563. You can also use that number if you have any questions about the NextGen remote control extender.

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Jake Buckler is a cord-cutter, consumer electronics geek, and Celtic folk music fan. Those qualities, and his writing experience, helped him land a copywriting gig at Signal Group, LLC. He also contributes to The Solid Signal Blog.