Flat Screen Cleaning System

If you have a flat-panel TV, you need to keep that screen clean without scratching or damaging the it. Solid Signal has what you need to keep your LCD or plasma TV system clean.

Since nearly everyone has a flat-screen or flat panel TV these days, more people need to know how to keep these devices clean. Note: Flat-screen TVs use special materials and coatings that can be damaged if you try to clean your screen with traditional cleaning products and paper toweling. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an all-inclusive cleaning system for your flat-screen TV? Actually, there is and it’s brought to you by your friends at Solid Signal.

The Vivanco flat screen cleaning system is perfect for anyone with a flat screen or flat panel TV. This cleaning kit comes complete with an anti-static brush, alcohol-free and drip-resistant fluid, and microfiber cloth. When used together, it provides streak-free cleaning for your LCD or plasma TV system. It also comes in a convenient storage case that keeps the entire set together and prevents anything from getting lost. (Unlike your remote controls!)

One More Thing…
If you’re a parent whose kids love to play video games, you probably know all about a dirty TV screen. My kids love sitting in front of the TV and playing their videos games. When they do this, they’re also enjoying potato chips and other snacks. By the end of the day, there are oily stains, smudges, and finger prints all over our TV screen. It’s so bad that my wife and I have to clean the screen before we can enjoy our favorite shows. You don’t need to have children with greasy potato chip fingers to clean your TV screen. LCD or plasma TV sets gather dust and get smudged in childless homes, too.

Keep your flat screen or flat panel TV clean with the Vivanco flat screen cleaning system. Order it now from Solid Signal!

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