If you’ve been reading the blog, you’ve probably noticed that DIRECTV rolled out its Mobile DVR product a few weeks ago, giving Genie DVR users the ability to stream and offload their recordings to mobile device. (Is that news to you? Read our review here.) You might not have realized that many of those capabilities have been around for years, in a device originally called Nomad and later renamed GenieGO.

GenieGO is now… GenieGONE, as users have been notified that the standalone boxes will stop working by the end of October 2016. That’s not surprising since the built-in Genie DVR functionality beats the standalone box. Of course it’s a blow to those who haven’t yet upgraded to a Genie DVR, but that’s a rapidly decreasing minority.

For today’s THROWBACK THURSDAY, we take you back to the days when old Nomad boxes magically became new GenieGO boxes. It was back in May, 2013 and I reported on it with a fairly quick post, here. Looking to throwback even further? Take a look at this review of the original Nomad box, which I worked on when affiliated with a different site back in 2011. I guess we never did get around to posting shots of the iPad or Android apps…. too late now.

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