Free Preview of STARZ starting today

It’s another free preview weekend for DIRECTV subscribers! STARZ is premiering two new millennial-focused series and has invited all of us to the party.

Vida is the story of two young ladies who learn something shocking about their mother after she’s passed away, and have to find a way to embrace a whole new life. Here’s the “safe-for-work” trailer. You can find the “red band” version at if you want.

Sweetbitter is based on the book about a young lady coming to New York City in the mid-2000s and learning everything about, apparently, everything.

Let’s say, if those series look like something you’re interested in, great! They probably are going to be very well produced and enticing to their demographic.

If you’re not a 25-year-old urban woman, don’t walk away yet! I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the quality and variety of Starz programming over the years. While they still haven’t found their uber-successful new program (as HBO seems to have, over and over) their original series are engaging and sharp and they have the best selection of catalog movies out there including a lot of blockbusters. It’s a great entertainment value no matter who you are.

In a world of entertainment…

I get it. You already pay for a lot of streaming services and a lot of live TV. I’m right there with you. I do think that even if you have a lot of content, movie lovers will enjoy the STARZ  channels on DIRECTV. You also get the STARZ app for your mobile or streaming device and that’s a big value too. STARZ was the first major app to allow downloading of content and they have a huge selection of content to choose from including classic TV and popular movies. If you just don’t have any more time to watch TV I get that. However, if you find yourself spending an hour looking for something to watch, STARZ will help you find something you like much faster.

Check out the free preview

Start by checking out the free preview of all the Starz and StarzEncore channels. You can download a ton of stuff on demand, too. Best part about that is that it’s all still available after the free trial is over. Here are the channel numbers for DIRECTV:

525 – Starz HD (East)
526 – Starz HD (West)
527 – Starz Kids & Family HD
528 – Starz Comedy HD
529 – Starz Edge HD
530 – Starz In Black HD
531 – Starz Cinema HD
535 – Starz Encore HD (East)
536 – Encore (West)
537 – Encore Classic
538 – Encore Westerns
539 – Encore Suspense
540 – Encore Black
541 – Starz Encore Action HD
542 – Encore Family

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