FUN FRIDAY: The sad state of banks

There’s a building near our West Coast Operations Center that used to be a bank. Not just any bank, but one of those serious banks that used to dominate small town America. It was the “first bank of” something-or-other. It’s funny how every place has a first bank of so-and-so, but no one ever has a second bank.

Yes, it used to be a bank. Today it’s a small market catering to foods for those with international tastes. It’s a garish mess, and it’s sad to think that this once-great paragon of commerce now traffics in exotic (but not terribly exotic) spices and side dishes. It’s not alone, though.

The Messy Nessy Chic blog has published a photo essay of many of these old banks in what look like beautiful buildings. They are adorned with large columns and have the names of the banks proudly engraved in large letters on the front. Unfortunately, they don’t house prized financial institutions any more. From CVS and McDonalds to stores selling human hair, they’ve found new life on the margins of American commerce rather than at its center. Where once stood Prudential Savings Bank now stands… Dominos Pizza.

Of course it’s great that many of these old buildings are standing at all. We tend to tear down our buildings before they get a chance to become historical and maybe one day these formerly proud titans will once again house a captain of industry. Until then… I’ve got to stop by one of them, I’ve got a craving for Horchata.

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