FUN FRIDAY: Wait, Cars really ARE people?

In last week’s Fun Friday, I put forth the (not completely original) speculation that the universe of the Cars movies only makes sense if you believe that cars have people living inside them who can never get out. It wasn’t one of my more popular articles, but it did get enough attention that I figured I’d follow up a bit.

The folks at Jalopnik took this theory and ran with it. They correlated it with a show in development for SyFy called “Blood Drive” where cars run on blood. (I don’t know, I remember when SyFy actually had quality programming.) The Jalopnik people seem to think that it’s a bit of a prequel to Cars where it starts with cars using blood just for fuel and evolves into cars becoming permanent exosuits for people.

It’s intriguing I’ll give you that, but of course where Disney owns Cars and Comcast owns SyFy, so the two are not likely to ever share any sort of common storyline. Even more so, there’s a pretty big jump between blood-powered cars (which are just mostly ridiculous) and tractors that act like cows (which is quite a bit more ridiculous.) So, in the words of the Mythbusters (owned by Discovery Networks and therefore unlikely to be associated with either Disney or Comcast) I’ll have to call this one “BUSTED.”

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