Our Lives Through Commercials

There was a time when commercials were high art, not just high price. In the days when there were three networks and no DVRs, advertisers had a captive audience.

Back in 1972, commercials were very different. Overall they were slower and more direct — nothing like the “image advertising” you see today. It was also pretty politically incorrect, goofy, and much sillier than you probably remember.

I’m willing to bet that our Solid Signal audience will really appreciate this video I found showing almost an hour of commercials from late 1971 and 1972. If you’re part of the generation that saw the USA in your Chevrolet, a lot of these will look familiar. If you’re more of the Tamagotchi and Ninja Turtles type, you’ll laugh at what passed for “high quality advertising” back when your grandparents were in their prime.