When DIRECTV had Investor Days

I think that DIRECTV was wise to become part of the AT&T family. The entertainment landscape is always changing. Even if you’re the world’s largest satellite TV provider you can’t go it alone, and AT&T brings cellular and internet to the mix.

I do miss the old Investor Days, though. There was a time when DIRECTV opened up its investor meetings to anyone who chose to make the trek to its offices. I am guessing AT&T does this too but they’re too low key for it to matter much.

At Investor Day, there were new technologies shown, promises of future growth, and a completely new perspective on satellite TV. It wasn’t really just for investors.

Oh what a circus, oh what a show

Back then, Investor Day was an event. Everyone talked about it, talked about what little tidbits might have been unintentionally unveiled. Those familiar with the technologies mined every word for hints of what might be coming next.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at my Investor Day coverage from 2013, which was really the last time that this sort of event took place. I mean, you’re seeing things on those slides that are just now really starting to catch on, like 4K adoption (referred to as UHD — that term was really the way the industry referred to it at that time.)

The difference back then was DIRECTV’s Chief Technology Officer Romulo Pontual, who was a genuine techie himself who loved the idea that the equipment could be used in interesting an innovative ways.

AT&T’s financial announcements, in contrast, never have any new technology information and when things are rolled out they only are mentioned in the context of improving or impacting the bottom line. Honestly that’s probably the way a financial announcement should be.

You can’t blame me, though, if I miss the fun and games that we all used to have in previous years.

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