Singing Black Hole

I don’t know if you caught this a few weeks ago but somehow I missed it. Apparently there is one, and only one, verifiable source of actual sound in space. I still don’t think I understand the physics involved in how the sound is being caused or transmitted though.

The people at Gizmodo produced a video to explain this phenomenon. It’s not terribly long. Maybe if you watch it you’ll understand it more than I do because I still don’t get how there’s actual sound that comes out of a vacuum. There’s like, gas on the outside of a black hole, and so I guess it’s not a true vacuum. But how do we know that it’s happening? I don’t know.

And then they hit you with the fact that this sound wave would be the deepest sound ever recorded. I am just kind of amazed that they can figure all this stuff out.

Check it out for yourself.