THROWBACK THURSDAY: When being able to stream was an awesome new thing

2014 shouldn’t seem like so long ago. Back then I got supremely excited because DISH subscribers could, for the first time, authenticate to the ABC app and stream ABC programs. And it would be several months before DIRECTV subscribers could do the same. Oh gosh, that seems impossible, because it feels like we’ve all been streaming our TV forever.

Streaming apps were obviously not part of carriage contracts in 2010, because live streaming TV was in its infancy. A few pioneers with home theater PCs did it, and some of us streamed using our phones in Wi-Fi only (since cellular data didn’t cut it back then) but back at the turn of this decade, only 7 years ago, a streaming, on-demand future was something we mostly dreamed about

Eventually, streaming started to take over and today you can live stream tons of stuff, and there’s absolutely no quality difference between streamed and satellite-delivered TV. That’s what makes it seem so weird that just 3 short years the article below seems like an antique:

DISH beats DIRECTV to the streaming finish line, at least with Disney apps. It’s no surprise that DISH users will be able to authenticate to WatchABC, WatchESPN, and all the WatchDisney apps on their mobile and streaming devices… but the news is that today’s the day!

In order to use these apps, simply install them and then when you’re asked which service you have, choose DISH. You’ll need a username and password at That shouldn’t be a problem since you probably have one anyway to manage your account. 

Don’t forget, that if you’re in the New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Houston, Fresno, Philadelphia or Raleigh-Durham markets that you’ll also get a live feed of your local ABC affiliate too!

It’s almost universally agreed that the next revolution in video entertainment involves finding a way to charge for internet-delivered content in a way that makes sense. The first company to solve this problem will dominate the next decade, and moving broadcast content online in an authenticated way is just the next step.

So what are you waiting for? Go Watch ESPN for gosh sakes!

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