THROWBACK THURSDAY: When old-school TV apps misbehaved

So, first of all you have to know that in 2012 the whole world was going nuts for on-screen apps. Today things have settled down and essentially most people use a TV for some sort of TV-watching activity (in other words, not for checking webcams, learning software versions or getting information about home security.) DIRECTV’s first-generation TV Apps were a work in progress, and eventually led to the second-generation that you can get to by pressing the right arrow on your DIRECTV remote.

Today’s “Throwback Thursday” takes us back to a day when we cooperated with DIRECTV’s social media team to let the world know about some problems with TV Apps. By the time most people read the story, the problem was fixed but it was still great for our newly relaunched blog as we became part of the official DIRECTV response to the problem.

If you want to relive those days, check out the article here.

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