Hey employers, here’s the solution you need for your home-based workers

The sudden work-from-home craze has employers scrambling. What can you do to make sure your workers can connect to the office? Not everyone has fast internet, and those who do can still be overwhelmed when kids stream or partners also need to work from home.

gotW3 – the work from home solution

There’s an answer. If your employees have cell service at their homes, they can get fast internet. It’s called gotW3, and it works like magic. It’s more than just a hotspot. It converts good cell signal into Wi-Fi or wired internet for multiple users. It comes with an generous 300GB/month data plan, too.

When your workers get their gotW3, it’s plug-and-play. All they need to do is turn it on and connect. This is perfect for new telecommuters who might not be comfortable with their computer skills. If they can connect to Wi-Fi, they can use gotW3.

gotW3 is compatible with practically every VPN, every email system, every connectivity solution. It’s as secure as any other internet connection. If your employees can connect to your systems from outside your building, they cand connect with gotW3.

Choose the right solution for your employees

There are two different gotW3 devices. The base unit is best for most people working from home. It supplies wired Ethernet or Wi-Fi for a small home office and it’s incredibly easy to use. In most cases your employees won’t have to do any configuring at all.

This basic unit is available with either AT&T or T-Mobile service. It’s your choice. You should choose the service that makes the most sense in your area. 

Shop for the AT&T Version   Shop for the T-Mobile Version

This version is the most configurable. It has the best range and can be used for VOIP systems, or if you need QoS or other advanced routing features. If you don’t know what those things are, you’ll be just fine with the first version. 

Shop for the AT&T Version   Shop for the T-Mobile Version

Bulk purchases? No problem!

We have a large supply of both devices and we can get more without any problem, even with the shipping issues other companies have. We’re open for business and we’re here to help you. We can handle orders of any size. 

Give our experts a call now at 888-233-7563 and we’ll get you started. We can push this order through as quickly as you need, including rush shipping. We know this is a priority and we’re here to take care of you!

If you’re reading this after East Coast business hours, fill our the form below and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible! We know this is a very challenging time and we’re here to help you through it. 


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