Is the weBoost Home Room the perfect cell booster?

Cellular signal boosters have been with us about 20 years and they continue to evolve. They cover more frequencies, become more effective, and even look better. I have to ask, though – for a small home, apartment, or home office, could the weBoost Home Room be the perfect booster?

A little bit of history of this booster

In the 2000s and early 2010s, Wilson Electronics was one of the top makers of cellular signal boosters. Their boosters were well known for their industrial design and your ability to customize them any way you wanted. In 2014, the FCC mandated that all cell boosters must be sold in kits. Those kits must include everything you need to install. At that point we all had a lot of questions about how Wilson would survive since they were known for selling boosters in so many configurations.

Enter weBoost

In 2015, Wilson Electronics rebranded themselves as weBoost. We were there at the Consumer Electronics show when they rolled out their new products. Among those newly announced products was the Home 4G, the company’s top of the line offering for homes and small offices. Unlike the earlier products, it was made to be easy to install.

Home 4G becomes Home Room

Flash forward five years and the Home 4G has been a complete success. It was time to revamp and simplify the weBoost line. Several boosters were retired, including those which didn’t support LTE. No one wanted a 3G cell booster anymore. New boosters like the Home Multiroom and Home Complete took up positions at the higher end, and the Home 4G gave way to the Home Room.

What’s different about the Home Room?

The Home Room starts with the same high-quality signal booster of the Home 4G. It boosts signals across five bands for all major carriers, including voice and data. The Home Room adds a new cabling option which lets you run the cable from the booster to the outdoor antenna differently. Instead of drilling holes, you can now use the provided flat RG6 cable to fish the cable through the crack in a window or door. The window or door closes completely and you still get the ability to mount an antenna outside. Everyone wins.

Could this be the best booster ever?

The Home 4G impressed mewhen it launched. At the time though,  it was pretty expensive. At the time there were other lower priced options that worked fairly well. I looked at it being a good stepping stone to a bigger and more powerful booster. Now, five years later, I see it as an excellent entry level option for people who want boost in a 1,000-1,500 square foot space. The booster itself has always had outstanding quality, but this new installation option really helps make it shine.

Get the weBoost Home Room from Solid Signal

The Home Room is available at Solid Signal for the best price you’ll find from any reputable retailer. It comes with free support of course, and you know when you buy from Solid Signal you’re supporting small business and families. It’s a real win no matter how you look at it. Have questions about whether this booster is right for you? Call us at 888-233-7563 during East Coast business hours and we’ll walk you through the whole process and figure out which of our many cell boosters is right for you.

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