Looking for a modulator? We’ve got you covered

Looking to create a headend system? We can help! Whether you need to distribute standard definition TV throughout your home, RV or vessel or if you’re looking to create a complex high-definition distribution system for hundreds of TVs, your friends at Solid Signal can help you create a system that will do everything you need!

It can be harder than you think

Once upon a time, it was simple and cheap to distribute a TV signal over coax. That changed when HDTV came in, largely because of the complex legal battles over distributing HD signals. Some content providers are just so afraid that you will steal their programming from a hotel room that they insisted on many layers of content protection that make it very expensive to build a commercial-grade modulator and almost impossible to build a consumer-grade one.

That makes choosing a modulator difficult and that’s why you need a professional. Our team is ready to recommend the right modulator and help you choose programming that makes sense to you. We’re there before, during, and after the sale and can even take care of all the installation and maintenance of the equipment.

What to look for

There are a lot of considerations: do you need something high definition for now but 4K for later? Will you be distributing protected programming like ESPN or HBO? How far are you needing to go, and to how many TVs? Will you be incorporating digital signage into your system or other interactive devices? What about your choice of content provider? Will it be antenna, cable, satellite, fiber, internet, or something else? Don’t make the decision by yourself when we are here to help you!

Business Enterprise Solutions to the rescue

Signal Group, the parent of SolidSignal.com and owner of this blog, has the team for you. Our Business Enterprise Solutions team specializes in custom solutions for commercial customers. The team has decades of experience in delivering high-quality results for discerning customers.

Don’t go it alone! The world of modulators isn’t easy to navigate. Make the wrong choice and you won’t be able to use what you’ve bought. And don’t forget, a modulator is just one part of a much larger headend system.

You need someone on your side who really knows what they’re doing. You need to choose a partner who can help you from beginning to end. Our Business Enterprise Solutions team can help you make all the plans, choose the right equipment, get everything configured and burned in, then make the final installation perfect. It’s a one-stop shop for your commercial entertainment needs.

While you’re talking to your BES rep, be sure to let them know about the other needs you have. Business Enterprise Solutions isn’t just about headends. They can help you with all your structured cabling needs, including telephone, security, and even low-voltage lighting. Get everything you need with the team of experts that’s committed to making sure that everything goes right the first time and every time. Call the Business Enterprise Solutions team now at 888-233-7563.

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