DIRECTV for Business: Your friend in an emergency

You need to keep your people informed, right? If you live somewhere with severe weather, you take things seriously. You’ll need to know what’s going on in the outside world and you can’t always rely on the internet. In fact, severe storms can sever phone and internet lines leaving you with few communications options.

That’s where DIRECTV for Business comes in. As long as your facility has power and nothing has fallen on your dish, you’ll be able to provide your people with emergency information. DIRECTV doesn’t rely on land lines like cable or internet so it’s more resistant to severe weather. (Although, you might want to consider a dish heater if you live where it snows.)

If the workday turns into an extended stay due to washed out or snowed in roads, DIRECTV for Business is a great way to keep your people entertained while you’re all waiting to go home, too.

Of course, most people think that DIRECTV for Business is expensive, since cable and internet companies routinely charge 10x more for business services than they do for residential services. That’s just not true. If your business doesn’t have a public area (like a dining room or waiting room) you’ll pay rates that are pretty close to what you pay at home. You’ll be surprised to find how economical it can be.

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Stuart Sweet
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