NBA League Pass free trial going on NOW

It’s that time again… Basketball season is in full swing and DIRECTV wants you to know that just it’s the sports leader on the courts! There’s only one way to get every out of market basketball game, and it’s DIRECTV’s NBA League Pass. You’ll get up to 40 games a week so you’ll never miss your favorite team no matter where they are playing!

A real value

Everyone knows the NBA has one of the longest seasons of any major sport. You probably also know that more and more cities have moved their basketball programming to extra channels that you have to pay for. So, you might not even get your local teams on free TV anymore? League Pass brings back all that local action and adds national action as well. You can watch any game that isn’t blacked out, all across the country.

It’s perfect for displaced fans. Whether you’re a Celtics fan living in Miami or a Pistons fan living in St. Louis, you have the right to see your favorite team in action! League Pass is an even better value for displaced fans because it’s very unlikely that you’ll be affected by blackouts at all.

NBA League Pass is an extraordinary value at just $199.99 for the season. You can also break it up into easy monthly payments if you prefer. Either way you’re going to get fabulous basketball.

It’s going on now

League Pass is free for everyone through October 29 on Channels 750-768 on DIRECTV.  As part of the free preview you also get the NBA channel on channel 216. It’s a chance to see what’s out there and really immerse yourself in the world of basketball. If you are interested in ordering League Pass, call us at 888-233-7563 and we’ll make it happen! If you prefer, log into your AT&T or DIRECTV account and you can order directly. The cost is the same, although you don’t get the same personalized service we offer at Solid Signal.

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