REMINDER: There’s only one place to get NFL Sunday Ticket

Forget about anywhere else. If you’re a football fan you’re going to want DIRECTV NFL Sunday Ticket. It’s every game, every Sunday, no exceptions. Periods. There are no blackouts, no problems, no nothing. Just pure football.

The NFL Sunday Ticket packages all include streaming too, so you can take the game with you when you can’t be at home. Pricing is reasonable for what you get and you can even upgrade to the Max package and get the Fantasy Zone and Red Zone channels so you don’t miss a minute of anything that’s going on.

There’s no other provider who will give you every game, although many try to tell you otherwise. Just getting the Red Zone channel isn’t enough for the real die-hard fan and even though local games are usually carried on CBS or FOX, not everyone roots for the home team, right? Displaced fans are everywhere so it’s not going to do you a lot of good to watch Packers games if you’re a Rams fan. (Starting this year, it’s also not going to do you a lot of good to be a Rams fan in St. Louis, either.)

Don’t delay — get DIRECTV NFL Sunday Ticket by calling 888-233-7563 or order for yourself online.

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