Satellite TV Vs. Cable for Multi-Dwelling Units

Last week, we discussed what to do when the local cable TV company goes out of business. This week, we offer property management companies tips for those times when one cable company buys another. Hint: it’s the same advice we gave you the last time.

If you run a property management company, you might think it’s great when one cable company buys another. It means you don’t have to worry about the interruption of service for your tenants or guests. Sure, that sounds great but it’s really not. Why? Because you’ll still experience the same problems no matter which cable company you use. Satellite TV is a better solution for hotels, senior living centers, and anywhere else with multi-unit dwellings.

Here are four reasons why property management companies should choose satellite TV over cable:

1. Service Issues

What’s the biggest complaint about cable TV? Most people would probably say the outages. On any given day, you can lose signal, sometimes for days at a time. And if you bundle your home phone and internet with your cable, you lose those services too. And the worst part about these outages? You still have to pay for that time when you had zero service. You’d think these cable companies would’ve worked out a formula to refund viewers for time lost, right? Yeah, I’m kidding; they’ll never do that.

The difference between satellite TV and cable service is like day and night. Outages are extremely rare; but, when they happen, you can rest assured that the satellite TV providers get it fixed quickly. There’s no need to “roll a truck.” If you experience signal interruptions with satellite, it’s more than likely a weather-related issue. For example, snow and ice can build up on your dish and interrupt the signal. Fortunately, there’s a simple fix for that.

2. Equipment Issues

Yes, my words are harsh but they’re true. Cable TV equipment tends to be lacking in quality. Many people with cable TV end up spending too much on replacement receivers and remote controls. Cable TV also tends to use inferior cables. They don’t tend to last long in outdoor installations. When something goes wrong, you have to make a service call then wait for the repair person to show up.

The major satellite TV providers take pride in the equipment that bears their names. The dishes these companies use are built to last because they’re made to be used outdoors. The satellite providers also regularly update their receivers. With that said, there are legacy receivers that are still going strong after 10+ years in service. Can you say the same about a cable box? I didn’t think so!

3. Consistency Issues

Local cable TV isn’t consistent. The way these companies operate, you can have one cable provider servicing a specific county and another one that picks up on the other side of the county line. It all depends upon what types of arrangements these companies have with officials in your area. If you like ABC company but live in DEF county, you’re stuck with DEF cable service. Nothing short of packing up and moving across the county or city lines will get you the cable provider you want.

Your satellite provider is your satellite provider no matter where you live. That’s because the signal comes from a satellite floating thousands of miles above you in outer space. The local channels are the only thing that changes from one area to the next. Well, that and your programming packages. The top satellite TV providers let you put together a custom programming package from the largest selection of channels. This includes national, international, and pay channels, as well as a good selection of your local channels.

4. Setup Issues

When it comes to installations, cable TV can be a nightmare. That cable is buried underground, after all. If your company manages garden apartments – multiple ground-floor units that share a common yard – this buried cable can become a huge problem. If someone starts digging around for whatever reason, it’s all too easy for them to snag a cable. Remember that cable TV that you thought was so awesome? Well, now your tenants have nothing and they’re upset.

You won’t have these problems with satellite TV. You get one satellite dish per building and it’s placed up high where no one can touch it. These installations also don’t require any wires to be run between buildings. There’s literally no risk of an errant shovel severing a cable and taking out service to your entire property. You think something like this couldn’t happen but it can and it does.

Property Management Companies and Hotel Owners

Your tenants and guests deserve a TV service they can depend on. You also need the peace of mind that comes with knowing you made the right decision for your business. This is why it’s best to get satellite TV from Signal Connect. That’s the division of our company that is a satellite TV dealer. Here’s what we do when you work with us:

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  • Activate your satellite TV account minutes after installation.
  • Provide ongoing account service to your company.

The last part of that is very important to you. Whether you run a property management company or a hotel, you’re a busy person. If you have a question about your service or need a change made to your account, you don’t have time to be put on hold. As your satellite TV dealer, we’ll assign a dedicated rep to your account. That person will handle all of this for you. All you have to do is give them a call. If you have any questions about what we have to offer, you can give us a call at 888-233-7563. You can also fill out the form below.

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