Did the Local Cable Company Go Belly Up?

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Cable’s future looks bleak when you read the headlines. It’s worse when you touch base with the reps in our Signal Connect division. They’re getting calls from people who live in areas where the local cable providers have shut their doors for good! This is bad news for homeowners in these areas. It’s even worse for those who work in lodging and hospitality. Can you imagine a hotel, senior center, or hospital suddenly losing TV service? What about a sports bar? Fortunately, there’s no reason to go into panic mode over these developments. Signal Connect has the solution; but, first we need to take a look at the problem.

…What’s Wrong with Cable TV?

Our Signal Connect reps are our “frontline” in this situation. They’re fielding calls from people in various places around the country. They all say the same thing: “The local cable company went out of business and we need TV now!” These calls have come in from a variety of cities in Colorado, Indiana, and Montana. In most cases, it’s facilities managers of large, multi-room dwellings like hotels and senior centers who need a TV solution for their guests. They did the right thing by calling Signal Connect. (Stick a pin in this because I’ll come back to it later.)

So, what’s wrong with cable TV these days? Lots of things really, but I’ll limit my response to why some companies might be closing up shop. There’s only so long you can keep running a huge business on diminishing returns. Think about it. There used to be a day when cable was the only game in town for national programming. That was more than four decades ago. Today’s viewers have options for cutting the cord. They can use a combination of TV antennas, satellite TV, and a variety of streaming options. This continues to put a huge pinch on cable companies struggling to remain profitable in a changing economy.

Property Management Companies…

You can get hit hard when the local cable company goes out of business. Your guests or renters have relied on this service for years. Now, they have nothing and they’re clamoring for answers… and a replacement. It’s up to you to find an alternative for your multi-unit dwellings. You know you can’t just flip a switch and deliver TV programming to a 250-room hotel, for example. Remember when I told you to “stick a pin” in something above? Well, this is it.

Signal Connect has a quick TV solution for property management companies that need it now. That solution is satellite TV. We can put together a satellite TV package for small and large multi-dwelling units, such as:

  • Hotels
  • Motels
  • Senior centers
  • Shelters
  • Hospitals
  • Etc.

Signal Connect also helps other businesses get satellite TV. Take sports bars, for example. If you own one, you know you can’t go without some type of TV service on game nights. It’s the same for many other businesses with a waiting room. We’re talking to you, car dealerships, tire shops, barber shops, and financial planning companies. If you’ve lost your local cable provider and need a TV solution RIGHT AWAY, here’s what you do…

…Call the Satellite Experts at Signal Connect

You won’t talk to some fast-talking high-pressure salesman in a bad suit. You will connect with a rep who has the time to answer your questions and explain how the process works. Satellite TV is the perfect solution for anyone whose local cable provider went bye bye. You’ll get your TV signal beamed down from outer space so you won’t ever have to rely on a cable again. To learn more about this, just give Signal Connect a call at 888-233-7563.

Signal Connect provides satellite TV solutions for businesses and homeowners. No matter what your situation, our team can make it happen for you. Our reps look forward to taking your call. In the meantime, we want to know more about the loss of cable TV service across the country. If you have a moment, could you please…


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