We have this clamp for antenna towers… and a whole lot more

OK, here’s the deal. This part isn’t going to excite you. It’s not going to thrill you. Not at all. But if you need something like this Sinclair Pipe to 90 Degree Angled Tower Member Clamp, you’ll find it at Solid Signal. It’s a real, commercial grade part that used for connecting antenna masts to towers. Not everyone will want one, but if you’re in charge of a first responder facility, you will. And you’ll need to know that it’s solidly built and not just a ripoff part.

Towers towers everywhere

It turns out that these towers are just for large broadcasters. Police stations, fire stations, hospitals, and other government facilities have them. The tower isn’t really the important thing, though. What you connect to it is. If you’ve never really noticed towers before, take a look the next time you see one. Most towers have 20-30 things strapped to them. Cell sites, broadcast equipment, microwave antennas, everything. It’s not just one thing at the top. Why? Because when you have a tower, you’re going to want to find ways to use it. The same tower can have a lot of equipment on it, and that’s a good way to get some value out of a pricey investment.

Not the time to fool around

The last thing you want is a tower falling down. It’s expensive, and it could hurt someone. Yet, towers have to be built to be light in order to work well. Otherwise they require way too much reinforcement at the ground level. It takes expertise to make towers right.

At Solid Signal we only work with proven manufacturers of tower components. We have relationships going back 20 years with some of them. We know we can stand behind what they sell.

When you’re ready to add or upgrade a tower, call the experts! Our number is 888-233-7563. You’ll want to call during East Coast business hours, so the experts in our Novi Michigan corporate offices can help you. Every one of our technicians is trained to help give you quality service. We know you don’t have time for posers, and you want to work with the experts. We’re here for you.

If your days are busy and you don’t have time for a call, no problem! Fill out the form below. Our qualified tower experts will get back to you, usually within one business day. You may not need this particular clamp, we get that. But whatever it is that you need, we’ll get you the best quality and price.

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