Will You Lose DIRECTV Channels Tomorrow?

DIRECTV and Tribune are heading toward a contract deadline. When this happens, both parties generally look to their customers for support. Tribune stations started running a crawl on Wednesday on the bottom of the screen urging customers to contact DIRECTV, and today special stations started appearing in the guides for customers who might be affected.

Channel 5-1 was added, and although it only plays music, the information for the channel urges customers to go to a special web site: DIRECTV Promise To You – DIRECTVs Customer Promise for more information.

Here’s the information as it stands today:

DIRECTV will only remove channels if specifically requested. Here’s the list of channels that may be affected (courtesy DIRECTVPromise.com)

WGN America National Ch. 307
s s s
Local Stations: s s
WGN (CW) Chicago, IL Ch. 9
KDAF (CW) Dallas-Fort Worth, TX Ch. 33
KWGN (CW) Denver, CO Ch. 2
WXMI (FOX) Grand Rapids-Kalamazoo, MI Ch. 17
WPMT (FOX) Harrisburg-Lancaster, PA Ch. 43
WTIC (FOX) Hartford-New Haven, CT Ch. 61
WCCT (CW) Hartford-New Haven, CT Ch. 20
KIAH (CW) Houston, TX Ch. 39
WXII (FOX) Indianapolis, IN Ch. 59
WTTV (CW) Indianapolis, IN Ch. 4
KTLA (CW) Los Angeles, CA Ch. 5
WSFL (CW) Miami-Fort Lauderdale, FL Ch. 39
WGNO (ABC) New Orleans, LA Ch. 26
WNOL (CW) New Orleans, LA Ch. 38
WPIX (CW) New York, NY Ch. 11
WPHL (MNT) Philadelphia, PA Ch. 17
KRCW (CW) Portland, OR Ch. 32
KTXL (FOX) Sacramento-Stockton, CA Ch. 40
KSWB (FOX) San Diego, CA Ch. 69
KCPQ (FOX) Seattle-Tacoma, WA Ch. 13
KZJO (MNT) Seattle, Tacoma, WA Ch. 22
WDCW (CW) Washington, DC – Hagerstown, MD Ch. 50
KPLR (CW) Saint Louis, MO Ch. 11

The stage is set for another 11th-hour announcement. Negotiators on both sides are working furiously to make this happen, but no one knows what may come over the weekend!

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