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OK, they aren’t for everyone. If you’re looking for serious cable analysis, you probably already know about RigExpert. They’re the leading name in analyzers for HF and VHF signals.

For the rest of us…

RigExpert meters measure signals in the 0-55 megahertz range. Ham radio operators and others use signals in these ranges.. I’ve recently been reminded that ham radio is still a really vibrant hobby. If you like getting social with people the old-fashioned way, it’s a fascinating way to do it. While ham radio operators may not seem as fun as instagram mavens, plenty of people still engage in ham radio.

Why would you need a RigExpert meter?

RigExpert products are all about getting you the maximum value from your equipment. If you’re trying to talk with someone half a world away, you’re used to tweaking and pushing your equipment as hard as it will go. You need a meter that will help you with that. Best of all, you need a durable and powerful meter that gives you the information you need.

RigExpert meters deliver value and performance. They aren’t easy to find, though. At least they were hard to find. Now, SolidSignal has a full complement of RigExpert products for ham radio operators and anyone who needs a tough and reasonably-priced meter.

What you can do with a RigExpert meter

The purpose of a meter like this is to test the cable in your system. Every cable causes the signal that travels through it to lose power. Some loss is expected, but these meters will tell you exactly how much loss you’re getting and to some degree, why you’re losing signal.

You’ll measure Standing Wave Ratio, return loss, and overall loss due to distance. All of these are very specific forms of signal loss and knowing more about why a signal is getting weaker will tell you what to do. Sometimes you need to replace the whole cable and sometimes you just need to replace the end. Some RigExpert products have Time Domain Reflectometers. A TDR measures loss through a cable compared to the expected loss for that length and model of cable. This will help alert you to extra splitters or splices in the wall that you wouldn’t have expected. It’s very helpful if you’re using a very old system as some ham operators are. Either you or the person before you might have put something in the wall that just might have been forgotten!

If you need RigExpert products…

you can find them at SolidSignal.com or at our Amazon web store.

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