WorkBoat Show a Great Opportunity for Signal Connect!

Our Signal Connect division is the nation’s best marine satellite TV provider. It makes sense that two members of our team attended the International WorkBoat Show. The event is the nation’s biggest conference and expo for the commercial marine industry. It was the perfect opportunity for our people to discuss marine satellite TV with other industry professionals. It also gave our reps a broader view of the needs of each sector in the commercial boating industry.

What is the International WorkBoat Show?

It’s the nation’s biggest conference and expo for the commercial marine industry. It’s attended by commercial vessel owners and operators and vendors. It’s produced and hosted by WorkBoat magazine and This year’s event was held December 4-6 in the Morial Convention Center in New Orleans. It attracted thousands of people from a variety of industry sectors such as:

  • Fleet management companies
  • Barge companies
  • Tugboat companies
  • Shipbuilding companies
  • Shipyards
  • Marine equipment dealers
  • And much more

Signal Connect Executive Vice President Evan Weiss attended the show. Essa Alijelat, fleet and oil team lead, joined him. Both men were impressed with the event’s size and how well it was put together. Evan added, “Our Fleet Service Team has one place where our customers congregate to learn and explore the latest in our industry, and that’s the WorkBoat Show in New Orleans. Everyone working on a tug, tanker, barge, or oil rig appreciates quality TV entertainment once their shift is done, and we’re happy to deliver that important aspect of working boat life!”

WorkBoats and Satellite TV

Signal Connect’s Essa Alijelat

Satellite TV and workboats are a natural fit. Signal Connect’s 1,100+ tug, tanker, and barge clients would agree! Evan and Essa hit the show floor intent on spreading this message. Essa explained, “Our message was direct: If you want satellite TV on your boat, we do everything for you.” By “everything,” Essa referred to what Signal Connect offers its marine clients:

  • Choosing the right carrier and programming package
  • Selling the latest satellite TV equipment
  • Arranging for installation with an experienced installer
  • Activating the satellite TV account after installation
  • Providing ongoing account service after the sale

This turned out to be great news for the busy professionals at the boat show. “Everyone was glad to hear that we’re able to help them from beginning to end,” Essa added. “It’s what we’re known for in the marine industry.”

An Information Exchange

Whether initiating a new account service or designing entire systems, the show helped prepare Signal Connect for what lies ahead in 2020. Essa explained, “Because we work so closely with our customers to solve specific issues, the show gives us a chance to get a higher-level view to better serve the working boat industry. We met with ship builders and architects to actually have our products and systems designed and engineered in the build.” This lets those professionals market and sell vessels that are already wired for satellite TV, internet, and cellular use.

Commercial Marine Professionals…

…Call Signal Connect for your satellite TV needs. Essa and the rest of the Signal Connect team are always happy to help you. Whether you’re a shipbuilder or the owner of a tugboat fleet, we’ll provide a tailor-made solution. Do you have any questions about our process? Call us at 888-233-7563. You can also fill out the form below and send it to us. Our reps will contact you in one business day or less.

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