Hands on With the Wi-Ex YXC-10K Commercial Cell Amplifier

If you have problems with cell service, you may have read our article series, 30 days with the YX545. The YX545 is the perfect choice for a small office or home office, but what if you need to provide cell amplification for multiple people in a 10,000 square foot building?

You need this bad boy: the Wi-Ex YXC-10K Commercial Cell Booster. This is the super-industrial cell booster from the same people who bring you the YX545. It has dual antennas optimized for both frequency ranges used in the US, and dual indoor antennas to provide coverage in a two-story building or a large one-story building.

Installation is a little harder than with the YX545, and it’s recommended that you consult the instructions for a guide on which attenuators to use in your environment. All in all, though, it’s still an easy install and well worth it if your employees rely on cell service.

Here’s a video showing the installation of the YXC-10K

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