Hands on with the YX027 Panel Antenna

Here’s what you get

The panel antenna.

Wall mounting bracket.

Anchors and screws.

Mounting the panel antenna is easy. There are many holes around the edge of the mounting bracket so hopefully finding a stud won’t be a problem. If it is, use the included anchors. The antenna is fairly heavy and shouldn’t be mounted straight into drywall without anchors.

Make sure that the bracket is facing as shown in the picture, with the notches in the center toward the top and protruding out from the wall. Put the short screws in the back of the antenna, leaving them slightly loose so they can slot into the notches in the bracket. In general the cable should be pointed down.

When pointing the antenna, put the flat part so that it faces inward toward the area you want to cover.

The cable for this antenna is sold separately. We recommend Wi-Ex’s extension cable, but any cable with TNC connectors will work. TNC connectors are better for broadcast antennas and using them also makes it easier to connect the boosters right (instead of accidentally switching the outdoor and indoor antenna lines.)

Make sure that the indoor antenna is placed as far as possible from the outdoor antenna and that the indoor antenna is pointed away from the outdoor antenna. This indoor antenna is so powerful that pointing it back outdoors can cause a feedback loop that stops the booster from working.

You might remember from our YX560SL review that the only downside to that system was that the booster had trouble reaching through the entire office since it was located in one corner in a less-than-optimal spot. Locating the YX027 antenna about 3 meters further into the office gave us completely acceptable 20dB gain in the blog editor’s office but added 15-20dB gain throughout the facility, meaning that calls are now clear everywhere. It ended up being the perfect solution since it wasn’t possible to relocate the booster.

There was no real downside to using this antenna. It’s fairly small and disappears from view in an office environment. We mounted it up above eye level so it wasn’t a problem. Overall it worked very well and we highly recommend it for DIYers who want a little more power than the standard boosters can give. It’s compatible with any YX zBoost booster (such as the YX540, YX545, or YX560) with a TNC connection for the antenna.

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