HD-BLADE vs. Paperclip … who wins?

When I tested the HD-BLADE covered with foil, I got several comments. Even though I tested the cable all by itself, it was suggested that to do it right I might use a paper clip as an antenna. If that paper clip pulled in the same number of channels as the HD-BLADE, then it’s not really worth the money.

So, I attached a barrel connector to the antenna cable and stuck a garden-variety paper clip into the barrel.

This was really sink-or-swim time for HD-BLADE. What if I found out I could get 55 channels with the paper clip? I’ve recommended HD-BLADE to hundreds of people including friends and family! What if I could have sent them home with paper clips?

But, here at The Solid Signal Blog we stand for integrity. If one of our products doesn’t perform or isn’t a good value, we won’t hide that fact. We’ll go back to the product managers at Solid Signal and find a better product or a better value. So….

I ran the test five times with the paper clip in five different positions. Just for fun I ran it without the paper clip. This was the best I could do… 9 channels. That means the rest of the 83 channels I brought it were all due to the antenna.

What a relief!

So, now I can go back to enthusiastically recommending the HD-BLADE!