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Can’t be too safe. Not now, not ever. That’s why you need a good flashlight. And not a wimpy, tiny flashlight. Definitely not the one on your phone. If there’s an emergency, the last thing you want is that light draining the battery of your only form of communication. That’s why you need a serious, tactical flashlight like our Tech Choice M7.

What is a “tactical” flashlight?

OK, let’s be honest here. “Tactical” is nothing but a marketing buzzword intended to make you think that this flashlight is tough. And I totally approve in this case, because it is tough. I think that in addition to being used as a flashlight this could definitely be used as a blunt instrument in a fight. You could do a lot of damage swinging it around. In my mind, that’s what “tactical” means.

What you get

This flashlight comes with its own 18650 batteries plus charging cord and charger. It also comes with a cover for the charging port that stops dust from getting in. I don’t know if that makes it waterproof but it probably won’t break in the rain anyway.

4,000 lumens bright

This flashlight is fricken bright. Trust me, I looked at it by mistake. This is about four times brighter than a typical lightbulb, and of course that light is provided by efficient LEDs. There’s even a focusable end that will help you narrow the beam to make it go further.

But enough words.

Here’s my video take on the whole thing. It’s a great little flashlight and it comes at a very reasonable price. It’s not a bad idea to have one of these charging all the time and another sitting in the car. Because it charges over USB, you can keep a power bank with it for even more power.

You can get this Tech Choice M7 flashlight now at Solid Signal. 

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