HUGE DIRECTV FREE PREVIEW starts tomorrow (2/17)

This is the big one.

DIRECTV is opening up ALL its premium channels, that’s HBO, Cinemax, Starz, and Showtime for a few days. The free preview starts midnight local time at the beginning of February 17 and continues all throughout the weekend until the end of Sunday, February 20th.

Pretty much every channel in the 500s is going to be WIDE OPEN. Seriously. If your DVR is sitting there at 94% free, you need to get moving. Record as much as possible from every possible channel and then watch it whenever you want, because the programs you record during a free preview weekend are usually viewable forever. You have 72 hours, and if you have a Genie, that means you could be recording five things at a time for a total of 360 hours of content. That’ll fill up your DVR but good.

Of course, DIRECTV hopes you’ll watch some live TV too, especially the premiere of Big Little Lies on HBO. They even hope that you’ll like the premium content enough that you’ll upgrade your package to get all those channels full-time (as well as access to the streaming versions for free.)

When you get home tonight (if you’re not already there) set up as many recordings as you want, or if you want, use the free DIRECTV app to set recordings from anywhere!

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