The Antenna Man reviews our HDB91X

OK Antenna Man, you win this one. 

Perhaps I should back up. I think YouTuber “The Antenna Man” is great. They review pretty much all the antennas out there using consistent criteria. It probably would be better if they were using some sort of professional signal meter, but as long as the reviews are consistent it doesn’t completely matter. The most important thing is comparing antennas using the same equipment, in circumstances that are as similar as possible. So, it’s totally ok with me that they use an old small TV with a built-in meter. I’m not quite sure what that meter is measuring but it’s measuring something. 

I’m a little envious of “The Antenna Man” just because they have more subscribers than I do. I mean, hey, if you want to help me fix that, subscribe to our YouTube channel. But I know you do more than just watch our videos, and it’s ok if you want to watch theirs too.

Especially when they review our products.

In a recent video. The Antenna Man reviewed our Xtreme Signal HDB91X Long Range Antenna. This antenna is a classic. We’ve made no changes to it since we launched it 7 years ago. Not that any changes are needed, of course, since it’s one of the most effective antennas out there. And now we have some independent proof.

Watch for yourself

Here’s the review. It’s honest and fair. The Antenna Man points out that this is a UHF-only antenna, and that it’s not going to do well with long-range reception of VHF. Fair enough, and I agree. Our web site says you can get VHF reception up to 25 miles. I’ve done it myself.

The antenna’s not built for VHF reception, but it’s not filtered out either. So it’s just not very good at it even though it will work about as well as an average indoor antenna. It’s just so much better at UHF reception, which is where it really shines. 

Where to buy

The one thing that The Antenna Man gets wrong is that he says that this same antenna is available from several different vendors. That’s not really true. Solid Signal engineers redesigned the balun on this antenna so it is different from other, admittedly similar looking designs. Our design is much more efficient and works better with a variety of different cable types. 

So, if you want the real deal, the one that got such high marks in the review video, you’ll want to get one at Solid Signal, on eBay directly from us, or at our Amazon store. Here are the links you’ll need: 




The antenna is available through other third parties as well, potentially at higher prices. Just make sure you’re actually getting the Xtreme Signal HDB91x, not an antenna that looks similar. You’ll be glad you did. If you have pre-sales questions, give the experts a call. The number is 888-233-7563. 

So thanks for the shout out, Antenna Man!

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