Direct TV SWM 8 Multi-Switch

Eight channel Single Wire Multi-switch (SWM). Allows any transponder from any satellite input to be independently selected and distributed via one of eight designated SWM output frequency channels.  Click here for more info.

D12 in Black, Thanks DIRECTV!

DIRECTV is listening to its customers! Their newest, standard receiver with upgraded software, the D12, is now available in the season’s hottest color: black. Solid Signal is shipping them out with all new DIRECTV new subscriber orders…

DIRECTV to Offer 100 National HD Channels in 2007

LAS VEGAS–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Jan. 8, 2007–DIRECTV, the nation’s leading satellite television service provider, is hailing 2007 as the “Year of HD” with the planned launch and carriage of 100 national high-definition (HD) channels. With this substantial…